Milan Fashion Week: Graphic Grunge by Wella Professionals at Ports 1961

The simple hair look at the Ports 1961, A/W 2014 show in Milan acted as the perfect contrast to the richness of the collection. “The Ports 1961 collection is always beautiful, incredibly well made and very stylized. This brand appeals to cool girls with a fast pace of life but not much time, so I wanted to create a hair look that appeared as if it didn’t take a lot of time, as if the girl’s had not tortured themselves to get something perfect. Imperfect is far cooler,” said Wella Professionals Global Creative Director, Eugene Souleiman.
The resulting hair look was both sharp and sexy with the sharper feel of the crown section blending with the raw texture of the end lengths. There was also a very practical reason for the different textures, as Eugene explained, “the light reflects differently on the crown section giving more shine, which contrasts with the sexy, rawness of the end pieces, and this is emphasized on the catwalk.” A low side part added a slightly masculine feel stopping the look from becoming too girly. “This is hair for feminists; it’s a look that most women can relate to, it’s cool and effortless,” added Eugene.
The key to getting this dual textured look was to use the styling product on perfectly dry hair. Eugene used Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray through the lower section for volume with a matte finish.
Get the Look:
1. Wash hair with Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner.

2. Apply Wella Professionals Velvet Amplifier throughout and roughly blow-dry the hair keeping it flat to the head.

3. Once the hair is completely dry, create a low side part. Gently comb the crown section low across the forehead and pull the hair behind the ear.

4. Blow-dry the crown section using a diffuser attachment on the dryer. This is very important as the diffuser provides gentle heat as opposed to the directional air from the regular dryer attachment. It’s the diffused heat that creates a flatter finish to the hair.

5. Liberally apply Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray through lower sections of the hair and continue to dry with the diffuser, shaping and twisting the hair with your hands. Then let the hair fall naturally to create a random, roughed-up effect.

6. Finally, brush through the crown section with a soft bristle brush and release the hair from behind the ear to reveal a soft natural wave.

[Images courtesy of DEVRIES GLOBAL PR]

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