How-To: Champagne-Colored Hair

Champagne beige hair color is trending! Get a breakdown for the look.
Champagne beige hair color is trending! Get a breakdown for the look.
courtesy of @denisesuzanne_

Pop the bubbly! Champagne-colored hair is trending.

This popular shade consists of a golden blonde hue with a rosy undertone. While this color does have a blonde slant, champagne hair can work on brondes and light brunettes too. Perfect for clients who want a shiny and classy look, this style can be customized for any hair type and skin tone. Don’t let yourself or your clients have champagne problems this year. Get some inspo, and learn how to create this look for your clients.

Denise Welsh (@denisesuzanne_), a lived-in color specialist, shares her process for creating champagne blonde hair.

“This client came in for her 8-week partial blonding service,” Welsh explains. “To achieve this look, I did a partial head of teasy-lights, followed by a gloss and treatment to keep her hair looking healthy and shiny.” 

How-To: Champagne hair color from Denise Welsh.Champagne hair color from Denise Welsh.Courtesy of @denisesuzanne_

  1. Lift the hair with Redken Power 9 with Bonder.
  2. Pre-treat the hair with Redken CAT.
  3. Use Redken Shades Eq 07P & 07N to create a root-tap.
  4. Use Redken Shades EQ 09GRo to create a hair gloss.
  5. For post-treatment, use Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate.

“Champagne blonde is one of the most requested blonde tones for 2023 in my chair,” Welsh adds. “Champagne blonde is a perfect healthy looking blonde made up of soft gold and rose tones. It’s a classic and rich blonde that can be flattering for all skin tones. It’s beautifully balanced and sparkles, just like a glass of bubbly!”

You can see more champagne blonde hair looks by reading Beauty Launchpad's March/April 2023 digital magazine.

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