How-To: Champagne-Colored Hair

Champagne beige hair color is trending! Get a breakdown for the look.
Champagne beige hair color is trending! Get a breakdown for the look.
courtesy of @denisesuzanne_

Champagne-colored hair is the coolest color trend this season. 

A cool-toned blonde with hints of gold, this shade is an easy way to brighten up a darker-toned winter color palette. The color also works across any skin tone or hair type, making it an accessible choice for all your clients. 

To create this look, you will want to keep in mind the tone of the blonde you will be using. Then, you will want to keep those pieces toned with color-depositing products that add gold and ash tones together. 

It's also important to note this color will look different depending on the starting point of the hair and the route taken to create the look.

If you want to create this look for yourself or your clients, you can get a breakdown from Denise Welsh, a lived-in color specialist in Covington, Washington. Welsh used color products from Redken and styling products from Olivia Garden to create this look. 

Get the Breakdown: Champagne hair color from Denise Welsh.Champagne hair color from Denise Welsh.Courtesy of @denisesuzanne_

Color Products

  • Power 9 & 20vol
  • Pre-Treated with CAT
  • Root Tap shades eq 07N & 07P
  • Global Gloss shades eq 09GRo
  • Aftercare acidic bonding concentrate

Styling Products

  • Primed with One United Leave-In Spray
  • Acidic Leave-in Treatment
  • Quick Blowout
  • Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame
  • Oil for All
  • Brushable Spray

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