Welcome to the World of ARETÉ

ARETÉ founder Ashley Mooney shares more about the ethos of the brand, how she made this dream come to life and how stylists can achieve beautiful color with kind ingredients.
ARETÉ founder Ashley Mooney shares more about the ethos of the brand, how she made this dream come to life and how stylists can achieve beautiful color with kind ingredients.
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Welcome to the World of ARETÉ

Clients should never have to compromise the beauty of their hair to be kinder to the planet and vice versa, but why is it that those two wishes often seem mutually exclusive in the salon industry, particularly when it comes to color? That was the driving force behind Ashley Mooney’s decision to create ARETÉ as a salon brand that delivered beautiful hair, all while keeping the client’s health, the professional’s health and the health of our planet at the forefront. We spoke with Mooney to learn more about the ethos of the brand, how she made this dream come to life and how stylists can achieve beautiful color with kind ingredients.

Beauty Launchpad (BLP): How did you discover the need for ARETÉ?

Ashley Mooney (AM): ARETÉ is the manifestation of over two decades of commitment to our mission of changing salons for the better at Simply Organic [our parent company], and many learning lessons along the way. We’ve actively listened and integrated the feedback of our clients, consumers, chemists and environmentalists to create a new product that goes beyond the claims of clean, green and effective, but elevates how we create and nurture our inner and outer worlds.

BLP: Where did the name come from?

AM: ARETÉ is a classic philosophical concept meaning the pursuit of "excellence" in everything. This word speaks to the heart of our mission — promoting wellness through our DEDICATION to EXCELLENT choices, ingredients, education and experiences. We believe in excellence over perfection.

BLP: How does ARETÉ fit into your company’s core values?

AM: We’ve proudly curated a portfolio of like-minded brands at Simply Organic that each represent a part of our ethos, which includes the health of hair professionals, people and our planet. We’ve always focused on products with both performance and purpose. ARETÉ is the powerful combination of all our company’s core values and signifies our deepest commitment to the industry, yet. From our time-honored ingredients and infinitely recyclable olive glass packaging to our elevated education and multi-sensorial salon experiences, we are consciously creating a collective of beautiful people, places and products.

BLP: How is Alchemic Color changing the way stylists think about hair color?

AM: Our color line was inspired by the ancient art and science of alchemy, yet consciously crafted for the modern day alchemist–the hair stylist. ARETÉ Alchemic Color is free from common color irritants like ammonia, PPDs and resorcinol, but our color is more than that. It is a celebration of craftsmanship and innovation. VINAPLEX-100 is our new in-color complex that has unlocked a golden era for scalp and hair health. This healing elixir promotes hair strength and remineralization, while working from the bulb level to aid in protection from aging, damage and oxidative stress. The results are incredible shine and hair health paired with consistent results professionals can trust.

BLP: How do you hope ARETÉ inspires the stylist behind the chair?

AM: Every time we speak about ARETÉ, we speak about transformation from the inside out. We’ve proudly created high performance products that don’t require stylists to compromise on results or their health, but we didn’t stop there. We hope to see stylists stay endlessly creative and inspired by the education, passionate community and grounding business guidance infused in the entire collection. True to its name, ARETÉ was created to evoke excellent experiences for the stylist and their expectant clients from start to finish. From our elegant aesthetics and transportive aromas to the way the hair looks and feels after any treatment, we hope the stylists and clients can truly feel every ounce of intention and thought put into this line, and it inspires them to consciously create beauty wherever they go.

From the Mind of an Artist 

Introducing our ARETÉ Lead Artists, meticulously selected to establish the pinnacle of ARETÉ standards. Our team of artists is committed to crafting education that ignites creativity, instills wonder, and captivates with enchantment, all while maintaining a solid foundation in business best practices for stylists and salons. Through the collaborative efforts of these Artists, we aim to romanticize rituals and provide transformative experiences as we strive to change salons for the better. Beyond the realm of ARETÉ products that embody and inspire beauty through conscious creation, our ARETÉ Lead Artists have uniquely designed meaningful education, contributing to an elevated and conscious approach to the art of beauty.


Jordan Jones is a sought after hairstylist of 15 years residing in Dallas, Texas where she was born and raised. After her long road of finding success behind the chair, she felt called to help others find the same. Jordan has been elevating the hair industry with her love of formulating and her connection throughout the hair community for the last six years.


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Step 1. Her roots were 20 grams 7, 15 grams 6.4, 10 grams 5.6, 15 grams 5.44 1:1 with 20 vol. I was trying to make a level 6ish, and I don’t have 5, 6, in .0.

Step 2. Lowlight was 15 grams 6.4, 5 grams 5.6 1:1.5 with 10 vol.

Step 3. All over gloss 7.4 1:2 with 6 vol.

Step 4. For the bronde color, the root tone is 5.03, a few grams of 5.34; mids 8.3, few grams 8.34; and ends 10.3, 9.2.

Fave Formula! The most luxe medium brown hue is 5.03 with just a few grams of 6.34. The color pay off is so rich without coming off too harsh. The .0 in the 5.03 is neutral-cool based which gives a beautiful roundness to the formula and prevents that "exposed warmth" look that gold formulas can sometimes have.


Marissa Neel (@maeipaint) has been in the salon industry for 13 years and is the owner of Copper Hair House in Rocklin, California. She has been teaching across the U.S. for 8 years now on how to execute lived-in, blended color, without over complicating it. She is passionate about helping stylists work more efficiently and mindfully behind the chair!


Marissa Hair Feature 2 65b925e9e82eb

Step 1. I utilized the Enlightenment Powder to lift. I started with diagonal back foils above the ear and continued that through the top, alternating fine weaves and paper fine slices in each foil.

Step 2. After rinsing, I mixed Alchemic Color to tone at the bowl. This was a combination of 7.0, 8.1 and a little 6.1 with 3.5 volume for her root color and melted that into 10.0 with a couple grams of 10.31 also with 3.5 volume for a soft, neutral beige finish.

Step 3. After the toner was rinsed, I prepped her hair before blow drying with the nutritive thermal protection primer and the Volume & Sculpting Fluide.

Step 4. After curling, I used the Micronized Texture Pouf for extra volume without the stick.


Bethany (@bethanyschair) has been in the hair industry for eight years and owns a salon called Suede in Sacramento, California. She specializes in a lived-in look, whether that be reds, brunettes, blondes or even extensions! She loves all things beauty, photography, social media and really anything I can be creative with.


Bethany Hair Feature

Step 1. First, I applied her root coverage ( 6.0 + 7.3 with 10 vol.) on dry hair and she sat for 35 minutes.

Step 2. Now the fun part. After that, I washed and began to apply my end toner. On her ends, I used 9.34, 8.34, a few grams of 8.6 and 0.44 4c.

Step 3. Then, we cut to a cute bob and styled!

Favorite formula! I have a few but I’m going to say this rosey peachy client! We cover her greys and this time she wanted to mix things up from her normal blonde to a fun color. Wow, did it turn out exactly how I wanted and beautiful. We were both obsessed!

Beauty Through Conscious Creation 

ARETÉ was designed for the modern alchemist--the stylist. This stylist is dedicated to respecting the boundaries of nature while using its gifts to deliver beautiful hair. These professional only products combine science and nature to consciously create beauty and are inspired by the four elements of alchemy: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.


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Excellence For Our Planet

The ingredients in ARETÉ have a history of proven benefits for the hair, scalp and mind. ARETÉ shares its present ingredient sources, while celebrating the past cultural traditions that cherished and proliferated them. ARETÉ is certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny, uses wind energy in production and packages its products in recyclable or upcycled containers.


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Excellence For Our People

Our formulations are filled with lush botanicals, rare aromatic oils and precious plant butters that transform the hair and salon space. Without sacrificing performance for beauty, we are free from unnecessary ingredients known to be toxic to people and the planet. Starting from our mindset, we aim to cultivate a conscious collective of people who care for their inner worlds, so together, we can care for our outer world.


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Excellence For Our Performance

Together, we are a force for good. To ensure a true commitment to the well -being of the people, the planet and innovation, ARETÉ has partnered with Positive Luxury to guide them on our journey of being a business built with excellence for all. Education is also provided to stylists and salon owners that sparks creativity, wonder and enchantment with their career’s craft, while staying grounded in business best practices.


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Excellence Through Our Experiences

We help salons create a memorable experience by stimulating the five senses paired with grounding business guidance, giving them a competitive edge and identity over other salons These include: Smell (aroma), sound (luxury language, verbal communication), sight (aesthetics), taste (calm/wellness) and touch (stylist-client contact/non-verbal communication ).

A Well Future Through Product, Prosperity and Planet 

Wellness isn’t an easy term to nail down, but it can be achieved in a salon space by being kinder to our planet, to our people and in the product choices we make. This led ARETÉ to help focus on what matters and help drive the future of wellness in the salon. We went straight to the brand’s lead artists to find out how it delivers on these three pillars.


Products used in the salon have to first be effective, and this is true for both professional treatment products and professional color. The lead artists for ARETÉ have found real results in both categories.

"The hair care line is so luxurious and cleansing, and my hair truly has never felt better. I look forward to washing/styling my hair now because of how it feels after. As far as the Alchemic Color line goes, also incredible. The color pay off is beautiful and the shine is something that my clients are noticing before I even mention it."—Marissa

"A clean product, and it actually works amazingly! It’s comforting to know that a brand care so much about ingredients and hair care. The amount of colors [91] they have is amazing, and they’re all so pretty and glossy. I’d had some of the best hair I’ve done with their colors."—Bethany

"I’ve never used anything that is this clean, performs and is luxury. An ingredient list I love, with a lather, and a sexy glass bottle? I’m sold. Every single color I’ve used, brown, red, blonde are all gorgeous shades and so glossy! The whole line has completely changed my outlook on what it means to be a clean line in the hair industry. It’s incredible." —Jordan


Stylists and salon owners alike seek products for their clients that are going to give them results but that also are going to benefit them by making their job easier, bringing them success and educating them on the latest salon knowledge. ARETÉ has thoughtfully designed its color line to reduce the amount of color product a stylist must purchase and carry, and stylists are noticing!

"The size of the tube being 3.4oz means each one will last longer. Therefore, I don’t have to stock as much on hand or go to the supply store as much! Secondly, the versatility! The fact that it can be used as a demi and full permanent with the change of developer and ratio is game changing! Evidently, I can stop carrying so many lines and just have one or two max. This saves me time and money."—Bethany

Marissa echoed that statement, adding, "When one tube of color has the ability to be used so many different ways, it’s an absolute game changer in the salon. Not only for creative reasons but practical reasons as well like storage and not having to carry so many different lines. Knowing I can reach for one line for grey coverage, low lighting, color melting, toning, etc. is such a good feeling."

"Stylists should know how versatile the line is. At our core, we are a permanent line, but our pH sits at that of an alkaline demi, making it appropriate for toning, low lighting, and color refreshing. It’s really amazing." —Jordan

But ARETÉ doesn’t just make the stylist’s job easier, it also brings them education too.

Jordan furthered, "Sometimes, brand education can feel a little boring and dated by solely focusing on the color line itself. Marissa and my vision has always been to fuse together foundational brand education with approachable techniques for the modern hair stylist. Our team of educators offer a variety of skill sets that really elevate the education experience. It’s different than what we have seen before for brand education."

"[The education] is lead with the stylist. We all come from a background of a strong, successful career specializing in color. Some of us own our salons, some employing and training other stylist daily. We all love different parts of the hair and education world, and we all have our own unique strengths. Our team is diverse in this industry and eager to educate!" —Bethany


Of course, when it comes to green products, what is effective must also be safe for the client and the environment, a true challenge that ARETÉ was ready for.

"It’s very rare to see a line that is ammonia, PPD, AND resorcinol free. Resorcinol is a common irritant and endocrine disruptor that is overlooked in hair dyes. Not only is this important for clients, but also us hairdressers that we have cleaner lines that aren’t compromising our health." —Jordan

"I have to admit that a clean product line wasn’t top of my list. I guess I was always worried that it would compare to what I had been using, but once I started trying it, it convinced me time and time again that you CAN have the best of both worlds. It’s comforting to know that a brand care so much ingredients and hair care." —Bethany

"The first thing that comes to mind is how much they truly care about not what’s just inside of their products but how it’s sourced as well. There is so much thought and care put into the line, and I hope stylists and our clients can appreciate that when they use it." —Marissa


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