How Did You Name Your Salon?

An open sign that reads 'Come in, we are open' hangs on a window front.
An open sign that reads "Come in, we are open" hangs on a window front.

The name of your salon can tell potential clients as well as employees a lot about you and your salon’s culture, values and overall brand. Often the name is a no-brainer; other times, it involves massive thought. We asked our Instagram followers how they named their salon and what tips they have for new owners going through the process.

@monarchhairco: Jovi. @rachelhalldoeshair and I chose the name by going through baby names and choosing which meaning and feeling was accurately going to describe the atmosphere we wanted to create.

@mermeghair: Olive and Ivy Salon. Olive was a pup I had who passed away suddenly–she changed my life. Ivy can grow even in the hardest places (toxic salons didn’t stop me/us from chasing our dreams and flourishing).

@lordoftheblonde: Salon 26 North. I named it after the latitude location of my salon. Jupiter, Florida is a big boating town, and we have a large lighthouse that is iconic to the area. I didn’t want a typical salon name. Our motto is, “Come change your latitude at Salon 26 North.”

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