4 Easy Trendsetting Fashion Week Hairstyles To Create

At the beauty parlour, we wanted to design looks from the Spring / Summer 2014 Runways and produce beautiful and importantly, wearable, styles for the everyday girl. For the styles below, we used clients at Jennie Kay Beauty to reinforce just how easily these looks and trends can be created.

aid and wrap a small piece of hair to hide the elastic. Add some flair with a bow or headband to finish the look.[pagebreak]the line at the arch of your brow. Create a glamorous look with a retro brushed out finger wave and embellish with an accessory if desired.[pagebreak]For Tammy, we loved looks seen on Vera Wang’s runway and we styled a subtle 60s half-up beehive.  Separate hair into two layers, tease the top layer to create volume beneath the beehive. Style with a long side band, and pin in hair into place and add a barrette or accessory to disguise the pins.[pagebreak] Stephanie’s look, both Rodarte and Pamela Rolands’ runway looks inspired us. These shows fashioned a beehive pony, side part and incorporated twist. To achieve this look, we created a double pony – splitting the hair into two layers top and bottom. We then took the top layer, teased it to create height, and pinned it around the bottom pony tail, creating a twisted pony.[pagebreak]ght, and pinned it around the bottom pony tail, creating a twisted pony.

If you are looking to have your clients be more willing to try beauty trends, applaud their fashion sense and slowly ease them towards new trends. Often times they are fashion forward without even knowing it. For example, Alicia is very comfortable wearing a deep side part with straight locks. We acknowledged her comfort zone and she was willing to embrace a bit of a different look with the brushed out waves and accessory. These looks are fabulous and very simple to achieve and can be easily worn desk to dinner.—Jennie Kay Plumb

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Hair & Makeup: Jennie Kay Beauty Team

Photography: Joseph Laurin Photography

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