Jake Thompson Teams Up with Sam Villa

Top editorial stylist and educator, Jake Thompson, co-owner of Lunatic Fringe Salon in Sugarhouse Utah, joins the Sam Villa team to fuel editorial and education for the brand.

ion Artistic Director.

Thompson creates his collections at his studio in Downtown Salt Lake City nestled among other artists working in various mediums – clay, fashion, photography.  This is where he harnesses his creative energy inspired by underground fashion magazines, art books, independent designers, peers, Alexander McQueen, music, etc.  “My life’s journey is to inspire and create.  Joining the Sam Villa team enables me to share on a much bigger level.  I’m looking forward to bringing editorial expertise and the avant garde aesthetic to hairdressers,” explains Thompson.

Creating is what drives Thompson behind the chair, on stage, in front of the lens, and even behind the lens - he shoots, edits and publishes his work too.  “I’m excited - Sam Villa is a big enough brand to make a significant impact on the industry, yet small and smart enough to promote stylists’ individual creativity and uniqueness,” adds Thompson.

When asked to sum up his feeling about the union, Thompson replied, “I just really like what the brand is doing.  Education – love it, changing the industry – love it, editorial – love it!” 


To learn more about Jake, visit:



Twitter: https://twitter.com/JThompsonhair

Instagram: http://instagram.com/jakethompson1

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