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It’s nice to be named a winner but even nicer when that recognition comes with tangible benefits. For Head Base Hair Studio in Keller, TX, being named one of the top three Vish Waste Warrior salons is the icing on the cake for a team that is banking $35,000 a year in additional revenue captured on their Vish system. The 20-strong team are also keeping costs down, with waste per bowl across the 10k bowls they mixed last year averaging just $0.20, the equivalent of 5% waste.

Championing waste reduction while focusing on the three rules of color management—Respond to Price Rises, Focus on Margins and Unlock Revenue—means the Head Case Hair Studio team is maxing out on profits while keeping costs down and clients happy. Way to go Waste Warriors!

Responsive Pricing Kelley SwingKelley Swing

“Costs are going crazy at the moment,” reports owner Kelley Swing, who is also author of "$ustainable Salons Make Millions" and a member of Rolling Stone magazine’s Cultural Council of thought leaders. “My electricity bill has doubled in the past year. Salons can’t afford to stick to a once-a-year price increase any more. We need to respond in real-time, which Vish allows. Last year, I was able to amend my color charges in Vish twice, which meant a nominal increase for the client. But my team are charging what they are worth, and our costs are covered.”

Focus on Margins

“Every service should have the same level of profitability, but we realized last year when evaluating our profitability in Vish that our all-over color costs had the lowest margin. Head Case is a sustainable salon, but our pricing is still very competitive. We decided to bring prices up incrementally, ensuring it wasn’t such a big jump for the clients. We brainstormed with the team, who are amazing and were totally up-front with clients. They, in turn, appreciated our approach so there was no push-back. Our team also love that charging for color is done by the front desk team so they don’t have to worry about it. Now, our all-over margins are up there with our lightening services.”

Unlock Revenue

In the first 30 days of 2024, charging clients for additional product charges put $3,000 in the bank for the Head Case salon. Over a year, that adds up to approximately $35,000 in additional revenue. “The extra income covers our color costs, which means every service has a built-in guaranteed profit,” adds Kelley. “My clients love that they only pay for the color used. Some even monitor how many grams are used and will ask the team about it. They now understand how much extra color even one week of regrowth takes. That transparency has really boosted their confidence in us.”


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