Hair Trends: The Braid Boom

Braids continue to be a huge hair trend this season with many major fashion runways showcasing the look at New York Fashion Week. In response to the ever-increasing demand, braid bars and braiding services are popping up as the popular look crosses over to the mainstream for everyday use as well as for nighttime formal events.

Co-owners Frank Marino and Kerry Resnick have taken the opportunity to provide braiding services to their clients at their salon, Salon Sora, in South Florida. At the new braid bar, guests can enjoy an assortment of braids such as milkmaid braids, fishtail braids, headband braids, french braids, inverted braids, and waterfall braids. Braids run from $35 to $65 depending on the style, and can last up to a week. Furthermore, the looks are not affected by swimming, showering, or even sleeping.

Says Frank Marino co-owner of Salon Sora, “Braids can add a certain elegance to any woman’s hair. Less formal than an up-do but much more chic than a simple blow dry.”

[Image courtesy of Simply the Best PR]

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