Hairstyles How To: Top 5 Mistakes Curly Girls Make

Whether you're a curly girl or your clients are of the coiled persuasion—don't catch yourself unaware! Make sure you're filled in on her (or your!) texture needs. Brandie Kekoa, founder of Be Kekoa Hair Studio, shares her take on the top five mistakes curly girls make.

s styled, leave it alone! Curly girls tend to fuss too much in their hair after it is styled, which creates frizz.

3) Pick a side:
Many of my curly girl clients try to jump from flat iron straight to natural curly and back again. In the long run, this back-and-forth behavior can cause curly girls to lose their curl pattern and can even cause heat damage. If you want to change your styles between these two extremes, limit your transitions to 2-3 times a year. Or do your hair a favor and just pick a side.

4) Use your hands as your tools:
Curly girls, your hands are the best way to style your hair. Stay away from combs and brushes that put too much tension on your curls.

5) Be careful with blonding:
Light high-volume colors/lighteners can dehydrate hair, causing curls to look limp and have an inconsistent curl pattern. When coloring, try to lean more toward natural or organic color formulas.


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