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as beautiful as she looks. When it comes to styling tips and techniques, brides want all the advice they can absorb. The most important piece of information is hairspray. Be sure the bride walks out with a can of hairspray that suits her texture and holds her style in place. Keep in mind the weather; is it humid, cloudy, or rainy? I recommend Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray. After the hairstyle is complete (and hair sprayed!),use Big Sexy Hair Resistant Spray as a final layer in the hair. It leaves the hair intact and frizz-free from the humidity.

As a Cosmetology student, I have learned to recommend a trial run. The bride might change her mind completely, or absolutely love it. Also, this way we can tell them not to wash their hair the day of the wedding. Silky hair and updos are not a fun combination! However, if they insist on washing it the day of, make sure they put moose or gel in it.

The bride’s expectations on her wedding day are set to a high standard. Keep tabs on what jewelry she is wearing, if she is wearing a veil in her hair, where the wedding takes place, if there is a dance afterward, and of course, what the dress looks like. With this information, we can work with the bride to pick out the perfect style for her. Do not fall in the habit of doing the same updo over and over. Each bride wants to feel unique. For the perfect hairstyle, there is usually no limit to how much a bride wants to spend.

These pictures are some of the updos I have created in Cosmetology school. I get inspiration through nature and by making sure my client gets what she wants. It is essential that the bride looks like herself, and stays within her comfort zone. Enjoy and have fun with your updos! - Ashley Heiberger

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