Is Damage Free Styling A Reality?

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Whether the end goal is curly or straight, heat styling is the most efficient and effective way to style the hair. However, high heat in styling tools has been shown to alter the keratin strands in hair, making it more prone to damage and breakage. This understanding is the driving force behind SUTRA’s mission: The Root to Healthy Hair. SUTRA® revolutionizes heat styling by introducing Healthy  Heat™ Technology, seamlessly blending Far Infrared (IR) and Ions to provide safe heat delivery that enhances hair condition, for beautifully styled hair without sacrificing its health. Far Infrared Heat reduces styling time and seals the hair cuticle to lock in moisture and shine while extending the life of color and chemical treatments. It reduces damage with balanced heat and stimulates the scalp to encourage new hair growth. This technology is safe to use on colored, bleached or damaged hair, leaving a smooth and silky finish. Healthy Heat™ Technology is incorporated into SUTRA’s BD Blow Dryer, IR2 Infrared Flat Irons, IR2 Infrared Curling Irons, IR Infrared Blowout Brush and their viral, best-selling IR Thermal Brush. With these tools, you can create beautiful styles while leaving the hair moisturized and shiny.

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