Meet Amanda Harsche: Beauty Launchpad 30 Over 30 Winner for 2024

Amanda Harsche (@mandaharsche) is a global educator and full-time stylist at Forma Collective Salon in Denver, CO.
Amanda Harsche (@mandaharsche) is a global educator and full-time stylist at Forma Collective Salon in Denver, CO.
Courtesy of Amanda Harsche

We are spotlighting the winners of Beauty Launchpad’s 30 Over 30 contest, sponsored by Denman Brush.

Get to know Amanda Harsche (@mandaharsche). She is a global educator and full-time stylist at Forma Collective Salon in Denver, CO.


Beauty Launchpad (BLP): What is a fun fact about you? 

Amanda Harsche (AH): I grew up on a cattle ranch in North Dakota 

BLP: How did you get your start in the industry? 

AH: I checked out beauty school when I was 17, 19 and 25 but finally went when I was 28. I always wanted to do hair. I actually never wanted to do color, I only wanted to do clipper cuts, and then my instructor made me do a fashion color and I was hooked. 

BLP: What is your proudest achievement in the industry thus far? 

AH: My proudest achievement is taking that leap of faith and changing careers when I was 28. This career path has connected me with people all over the world that became not only great friends but family. 

BLP: What advice would you give to the younger version of yourself just starting out in the industry, looking back on your whole career? 

AH: Do things for yourself. Being an artist is a scary career. You pour your heart and soul into things and put it out into the world. Some feedback is great and some isn’t so much, but if you love it, that’s all that matters. 

BLP: What is your current favorite hair trend? 

AH: I love lived-in fashion colors! It gives you a challenge to create something that will grow out nice and last longer, while still expressing yourself through fashion color. 

BLP: What is a valuable hair tip that you want to share with your fellow stylists (whether it’s a business tip or something related to styling/working with hair)? 

AH: Learn how to do everything. Even if you don’t specialize in it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to do it. Taking techniques and tips from different things keeps you a well rounded stylist for the forever changing styles and trends. 

BLP: What inspires your work? 

AH: The amazing people I meet along the way. Whether it be a client or a fellow artist, there is always something to be learned from everyone. 

BLP: What is something that keeps you passionate and motivated in the industry each day? 

AH: My mentors and also being able to mentor others. I work in a salon with amazing artists who all have a different style, and it’s the most amazing atmosphere to be in. 

BLP: What changes would you like to see the industry make in order to grow/change/evolve/be better than it was before? 

AH: Be kind, and always lend a helping hand. A positive attitude in this career can change everything. We literally hold people's self esteem in the palm of our hands, so being positive and helpful is a must. 

BLP: What is a career goal you have for yourself? 

AH: I would like to do more creative projects and maybe have NAHA in my future. 

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