Beauty News: Lab42 Study Reveals All Things Beauty for the Female Millennial

Lab42 Study Reveals All Things Beauty for the Female Millennial
Majority of Women Are Loyal to Makeup Brands, Even in a Tough Economy

ir favorite makeup brands, with 68 percent saying that even in a tough economy, they would opt for their preferred brands rather than a less expensive product.

Free samples, promotions, and discounts continue to drive purchases among women ages 18 to 34, with free samples being the number one way to influence women to try a new brand of makeup. Among the 42 percent who follow beauty brands on social media, nearly half (45 percent) have received a discount as a result of following that brand. The gift-with-purchase offer is still popular and enticing, with 72 percent saying they have received a free gift with a previous makeup purchase. Of those, 54 percent have gone so far as to postpone a makeup purchase in order to receive a free gift at a later date.

 "Makeup is often part of a woman's daily routine, and we wanted to investigate trends specifically surrounding how millennials wear and purchase their products,” said Gauri Sharma, CEO of Lab42. "It is especially relevant for brand managers and marketing teams to note that that 58 percent of female millennials purchase different makeup products for the summer and the winter seasons."

Female millennials said mascara was the number one product they would wear every day if they could only choose one, with foundation coming in a close second. They also believe in keeping their skin healthy and shielded from the sun’s rays, with 81 percent saying it’s important to have SPF in their foundation and 86 percent saying SPF is a must-have in moisturizer.

For the Gen-Y woman, makeup is more than just skin deep. Ninety-five percent use makeup to enhance their features and nearly the same amount (94 percent) said that makeup makes them feel more confident. What’s more: three out of four female millennials surveyed don’t mind spending money on makeup because it helps them feel good. Still, makeup continues to serve a practical purpose, with 84 percent using it to hide their flaws. Despite the evident benefits of makeup, both inside and out, 36 percent go so far as to say that wearing it feels like an obligation.

The survey was conducted among 500 millennial women, ages 18 to 34, in the United States, who purchase makeup, from May 6 to 8, 2013. 

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