Guest Blog: Last-Minute Lash Tips for the Holidays

We all look forward to going on vacation. But the last minute preparations can be stressful. Your last minutes to-do list can end up looking like this:
Bags packed
Nails done
Holiday shopping finished
Last minute work things taken care of
Eyelash extensions… not retouched
No time for lashes?! It's happened to all of us. Sadly, most of us end up searching the Internet like a madwoman upon arriving to our destination. But we all have our proprieties - mine just happens to be full-to-the-max lash extensions.
During my travels abroad I came in contact with some less-than-average work. Not only is this frustrating (and damaging to your lashes), it just looks awful. So here are some tips to help you choose a qualified lash technician on the road and avoid looking like someone did your lashes in the dark. Don't be afraid to ask all or some of these questions:
1. Can I see pictures of your work? Check for isolation, is each lash separated, no clumping? Do the lashes have a gradual flow? Lashes should be shorter in the inner corner and get gradually longer toward the outer eye.
2. How long have you been doing lashes? (Minimum 1 year)
3. What type of bond/products do you use?  
4. Is your adhesive Formaldehyde Free? This answer ALWAYS needs to be "yes!"
This should help you narrow down your decision on who gets the honor of touching your precious lashes. Hopefully you won't ever find yourself in a frantic lash situation but if you do, this advice will be sure to help.

The love of beauty is Taste.
The creation of beauty is Art.

-Jenelle Paris
Founder of Lash Affair by J Paris, and Beauty Couture Lash Boutique

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