Bridal FW: Braids at Marchesa Fall 2015

For Marchesa's Fall 2015 Bridal show, Kérastase Lead Artist Akemi Tamaribuchi created two ethereal, braided looks using products from the brand's iconic Couture Styling collection. Here's how to get the look:

Prep Steps:
•    Prep hair with Ciment Thermique. Apply a generous amount of Mousse Bouffante from scalp through ends
•    Blowdry up and away from the face, wrapping the shape for movement and volume using a finishing brush to get a soft finish

Braided Bun Steps:
•    Divide the hair into 2 sections at the top and bottom, and clip away the top
•    Do a classic 3 strand braid on a 2" section of hair on the right side of the occipital bone. Secure with an elastic
•    Spray the lengths of the remaining hair with VIP to add a subtle amount of texture
•    Using Baume Double Je on your hands for control of the shape, divide the remaining hair into 2 sections with a soft and casual side part
•    "Tie" the 2 sections into 2 knots, creating a large chain link type of knot. Secure the knot against the head with bobby pins
•    Wrap and tuck remaining lengths into the knot using pins

Soft, Braided Waves Steps:
•    Apply a generous amount of VIP from scalp through lengths to add texture
•    Using a 1" curling iron, figure 8 wrap large vertical sections loosely around the iron and leave to cool
•    Create a loose 3 strand braid at the back right side of the head and secure with an elastic
•    Create a soft and casual side parting, then over the ear pick up 2 small 1/2" strands of hair and tie into 2 knots consecutively to create a link, secure with an elastic just under the link
•    Repeat this "link" in 5-6 places around the head like a low crown, being sure to leave 1-2" inches of loose lengths between each "link"
•    Stretch and expand the hair from the roots to encourage a loose volume
•    Tuck small flowers into the lengths spraying them generously with Laque Noire to secure into place

Kérastase Products Used to Get these Looks:
•    Ciment Thérmique – heat protective strengthening milk for weakened hair
•    Mousse Bouffante – luxurious volumizing mousse that envelops the fiber to thicken strands for all-over volume
•    VIP – NEW! – dry, volumizing and texturizing spray that instantly provides body, volume and grip
•    Baume Double Je – NEW! –  a half paste/half cream formula that offers medium hold and adjustable radiance
•    Laque Noire – NEW! – anti-humidity super shield fixing hairspray

[Images courtesy of Siren PR]

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