Olivia Garden Takes On New York Fashion Week

Olivia Garden, a world leader in hairbrush innovation and manufacturing, was present in full force at the New York Fashion Week for the fall/winter 2014 season.  With its brushes used in over 15 different shows, the Olivia Garden presence was strong and impactful.  Olivia Garden co-owner Anne Maza personally attended three shows, “We want to elevate the importance of the tools used backstage,” explained Maza. “Hair brushes contribute to the styling result and its longevity just as much as any styling products.”

ng> brush.  With its ceramic, ionic and nano-silver technologies, the hair quickly took to its shape, which is important in the fast pace backstage environment.  The hair was then smoothed down into a clean look with Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Supreme Combo bristle paddle brush and smoothed out without removing too much of the volume from the crown.  For the longer haired models, all hair was brought into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck then accessorized with a black bow.  For shorter hair models, the hair was simply brushed smooth.  The beautiful result was charm-school, sweet, innocent and simple.

e Olivia Garden NanoThermic Round Thermal Brush.  To pull the hair back and smooth it out in the low bun, they used the Ceramic + Ion Supreme Combo brush.  Its unique combination of 100% boar and ionic bristles add shine to the hair while smoothing out all the flyaway.  For a few key models, their velvet headbands were further decorated with baroque floral designs in ribbon red or jet black matching their outfits.  It was a romantic look for the cool downtown girl.

tyle the hair away from the face, hairdressers next used the Olivia Garden NanoThermic Thermal brush.  On each side of the face, they took a section from the temple to the ear and wrap the round brush away from the face.  The NanoThermic brush was the perfect brush to rapidly create soft volume and it was also used in conjunction with a curling iron to tuck in the ends of the hair.  Finally, stylists used the Olivia Garden Supreme Combo brush as a finishing brush to control flyaway and add shine throughout the entire mane.  As models strutted down the runway, their hair moved in a very natural and flowing way.  The result was an ultra-glam look for a stunning, head-turning show.   “Using the right brushes can be “life changing” whether at home or backstage at NYFW,” Maza explained. “You have to style quickly, beautifully and it has to last!”

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