NYFW Hair: Celtic Braids by Linh Nguyen at Clover Canyon

The fashion at Clover Canyon's Fall/Winter 2014 presentation at New York Fashion Week was inspired by "Irish lassies and everything beautiful about that country - the greenery, the castles," according to lead hair stylist Linh Nguyen for Cutler/Redken Salon. To reflect this, Nguyen created "a beautiful, soft, tucked-under braid that is often reflected in the style of the Celtic countryside girl."

Get the Look:
1. To start, spray Redken Powder Grip 03 throughout the hair to mattify and add texture and grip.

2. Using a 3/4 inch curling iron, curl the entire head by sections, working from the top of the head down. Before curling each section, spray hair with Redken Fashion Work 12. After secure the curl with pins to set.

3. Blow dry hair with cool setting to expedite process.

4. Unpin curls and loosely brush out hair with a flat boar bristle brush.

5. Add a striking center or side part.

6. Tease hair at the crown of the head to offer a bit of height.

7. Starting at the back crown, in line with ears, French braid hair down to tip and secure with an elastic.

8. Gently pull out the hair to fatten the braid.

9. Roll up the braid and tuck underneath. Secure with bobbie pins, making sure they are inserted sideways - not up and down or the braid will fall out.

10. Set with Redken Fashion Work 12.

  [Images courtesy of Siren PR]

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