NYFW Hair: Minimal Beauty by Wella Professionals at MILLY by Michelle Smith

The MILLY by Michelle Smith AW14 collection at New York Fashion Week showcased femininity with hints of toughness. Designer Michelle Smith describes the collection as “extremely luxurious and feminine with a bit of an edge. The mixture of precious materials and contrasting textures reflects the overall theme of effortless yet opulent style and beauty.” The color palette of the collection begins with camel colors and soft shades of pink similar to a ballerina slipper. It then slowly transitions into a moodier pallet of grays and blacks while still keeping a lightness using beautiful sheer fabrics. “Under the surface of it all, much of my inspiration came from the classical dance and envisioning a dancer off duty - a woman who exudes elegance, sophistication and simplicity, while still remaining chic,” explains Michelle.
Wella Professionals lead stylist and co-owner of The Doves Studio, Christopher Dove collaborated with designer Michelle Smith to create a hair style that complemented the natural beauty of each model. The chic and minimal hair look translates perfectly, capturing the essence of MILLY’s 2014 Fall collection. Christopher explains, “It’s as if a dancer let her top knot unravel into a simple low ponytail. I wanted to keep the look as natural as possible, leaving the texture raw and authentic.” This style is for the girl that appears light and fresh but underneath it all has a distinct and dramatic confidence about her.
   Get the Look:
1. Starting with freshly washed and conditioned damp hair, spray NIOXIN DiaMax through the roots and massage into scalp to give lift and increase thickness.

2. Blow dry hair straight using a round brush for extra volume.

3. Apply 1-2 pumps of Wella Professionals Oil Reflections to the palms of your hands, then smooth evenly distribute throughout for added shine.

4. Part hair directly down the middle and secure into a semi loose low ponytail, ensuring all hair is tucked behind the ears.

5. Take a small strand of hair from the ponytail and loosely twist the entire piece securing with an elastic band on the end.

6. Twist piece around the ponytail creating a spiral shape on top of the first elastic band.

7. Tightly secure the piece of wrapped hair with bobby pins underneath the ponytail.

8. Finish the look by misting hair with Sebastian Professional Shaper Hairspray to set in place.

[Images courtesy of Devries Global PR]

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