Matrix's Three Winter Hair Trends for Any Length

Winter is a season for change, and chances are your clients are looking to switch things up with their hair. Whether they want a drastic cut, or a new look that allows them to keep their length, you can help them find the perfect style that will flatter their features and still be on-trend. Check out these three winter hair trends, highlighted by Matrix Professional Haircare, for inspiration.

on top like Jennifer Lawrence, to a Miley Cyrus-inspired buzzed-on-the-sides style. Be sure to inform your client of her options, while directing her toward the most flattering look for her face shape and features. To style, keep it simple with a matte styling product such as Biolalge Styling Pliable Paste, working the product into dry hair and pushing strands forward with your fingers while lifting the top section at the roots.

s can help increase movement and swing.

etely and then, starting below the ear, wind random vertical sections around a large curling iron, twisting each section as you curl. Switch up direction, some forward and some back, in order to add randomness and avoid looking too "done." Clip the coils into place until they're completely cool, then use your fingers or a vent brush to break up and blend the curls.

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[Images courtesy of Matrix]

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