Whirled-ly Girls

Whirled-ly GirlsT3’s Orlando Pita is on a roll. 

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Designer: Carolina Herrera

Products: T3 360º by Orlando Pita

Backstage at Carolina Herrera, T3 mega-stylist Orlando Pita is twirling and rolling…twisting and tucking. The silhouette he’s crafting only seems familiar. We’ve certainly seen trendsetting chickettes twist their bangs back to one or both sides, but Pita one-ups this breezy look by crafting a cylindrical style that encircles the entire head—a look that seems complex to the eye, but is quite simple. 

Herrera, forever feminine no matter the season, sought an upstyle that goes beyond a chic ponytail, but still evokes a less-is-more approach. “I thought I’d try and create something a bit boyish—just very groomed,” says Pita. “To me, the style should contrast with the femininity of Carolina’s collection.” To do this, he sprays T3 360º Plump onto tresses for body and manageability, and then parts the hair off-center for a mannish, modern touch. Placing bobby pins three inches down from the crown to serve as the roll line, he starts at the front part—rolling and tucking the remaining length of hair up to these pins and adding in several more to secure the luscious loop. 

As he sprays T3 360º Control Hairspray over the whirled-ly style to lock it in and emphasize shine, he notes that this certainly is a look everyday women should rock ‘n’ roll, but adds, “It’s quite hard for your clients to roll their hair themselves in the back when they can’t see it. Suggest that they do two twists on the sides, and then gather the hair into a bun or ponytail”—a silhouette we’ve seen, yet is still chic as can be. —Karie L. Frost


Score This Look

Put these T3 360º products into your twirl rotation.

Plump: thickens strands to enhance the swell of the roll

Control Hairspray: increases shine as it weightlessly locks in style 


(Photo: Dan Lecca/Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)

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