Spring Clean Aloxxi Color Personalities Collection by Teri Dougherty

Roman Goddess?  Party in Lombardy? Sparkling Prosecco? With over 100 color personalities to choose from, Aloxxi introduces a new way to experience hair color.  Aloxxi’s standout color products and unique consultation experience eliminate the chance for miscommunication between the client and their hairdresser by demystifying the process while delivering exceptional results.  

Women know the color their manicurist puts on their nails, the product their esthetician uses on their skin, but if you ask a woman the color their hairdresser puts on her hair, most don’t have a clue. Aloxxi's goal is to highlight the role of the hairdresser as an artist and expert while allowing the client to be a part of the conversation in a relatable way.  

The Aloxxi consultation makes the client an active part of the experience by communicating benefits of salon quality color based upon their hair. A professional hairdresser understands the makeup of a client’s hair and can recommend a custom approach for color. Here’s what a client can expect:

•Step One: It’s My Life! First the client works with their hairdresser and the Aloxxi consultation book to explore a variety of color personality possibilities. Skin tone, eye color, lifestyle and commitment to maintenance, as well as a client’s starting color are taken into consideration when determining the best option for desired color.  

•Step Two: Not all hair is not created equal! Hairdressers evaluate the client’s hair to determine how to formulate. Understanding the basic chemistry of the hair is essential to protect and maintain its health and integrity. Percentage of grey/white, porosity and texture, as well as the client’s commitment for maintenance and care all determine how color should be applied and processed.

•Step Three: It’s an Art! The hairdresser makes their recommendation based on the quality of the hair and the desired end results of the client. As artists, Aloxxi hairdressers are equipped with the latest tools, trends and techniques in color application to bring new dimension and life to color.

After the consultation, color application begins. A clean canvas is the first step to beautiful hair color. Aloxxi ColourPrime Pre-Color Treatment is applied in order to address the buildup of excess product and the dirt of the day and prepare the hair to receive color more evenly, while desensitizing the scalp. Next, the formula for the agreed upon color personality is applied to the hair.  After application, Aloxxi’s ColourLock Post-Color Finisher is used to finish the color process. Cleaning, conditioning, treating the hair with a chemical anti-oxidant, and closing the cuticle, all in one step, it extends the life of the color in a flash. Hair looks and feels silky, shiny and beautiful!

Stylist Teri Dougherty presents a look at three of the Aloxxi Color Personalities!

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