Blown Away with Damien Carney

Talk to Me!

That’s what we’ll be doing here on this new blog, my loves—talking! It’s also the place where I’ll be sharing fresh and exciting ideas, trends, tips, tricks, and everything else you could possibly need to throw your creativity into high gear, each and every day.

In fact, talking is a subject I fancy quite a lot; I think it’s the absolute crux of being a fabulous hairdresser. Over and over again, stylists ask me how to handle those I’m-drawing-a-blank moments…you know, when the client walks in and unexpectedly says, “Do your thing. Go for it!” But it’s a legitimate concern, given that boredom is a primary reason people leave your salon. (Kiss of death, by the way: asking your client, “What are we doing today?” every time they come in. It’s your job to deliver the trends—but do adapt them to each individual’s personality, face shape, and lifestyle, yes?)

So how to fire up a consultation? I say, be quite forthright-- even humorous if you wish. “It’s time for a change, love. Are you up for it?”  If the client agrees, and nothing comes to mind immediately, start asking questions: “Tell me what’s working for you”… “Is there an element that’s driving you crazy every day?”… “Have you seen a celebrity style lately that you just adore?”

Remember, all of these queries lead to discussion; discussion leads to ideas; and ideas lead to a plan of action. Be the person who reignites their style and clients will love you—and come back to you—forever!



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