I 'Do!

I’m not the type who can’t admit when I’m wrong: Many moons ago, I swore that I’d never have a wedding at the beach because of my hair, which has a tendency to frizz in humidity. Well, guess what? I’m getting married…by the beach. With the advent of keratin treatments like Keratin Complex (tried it, love it!), Global Keratin, Cadiveu and Rejuvenol, I was able to tour wedding venues while paying no heed to the elements around me—a totally freeing experience! I’ve already given my stylist Kevin Moshier a heads up that his hair expertise will definitely be needed weeks before my wedding next year so that my hair will be armed—and fabulous—against whatever the weather may bring. As for staying warm if it gets a tad chilly, well…has anyone heard of a bridal Snuggie?
Photo by TheGirlsNY

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