Stylists Share Their New Year's Resolutions

A new year is the time to get a fresh start and set goals. We asked talented star stylists to share their New Year's resolutions.

Marco Pelusi
My New Year's resolution is just to simply breathe, relax, and enjoy each moment as it comes. There's already so much good around me, it's important just simply to let it be exactly what it is. Accept the moment. Deepak Chopra says if you don't accept the moment as it is, you're actually fighting against the entire universe!

Patrick McIvoright=430,width=328]]Every year since I was 32 I either give up something bad for me or start doing something good for me on my birthday which is 2 weeks before the New Year, so these become my resolutions. This year I am adding deep breathing/meditation every day to the now 15th change I made since 32. I was 48 on December 19th.

Guy Tang
I think this is my perpetual New Year's resolution: Not to work too much. I work long hours and I work on the days that ends in "Y" and that includes the holidays. If I don't work at the salon, I work at home filming or editing videos for my YouTube and answering fan mails. I always try to find time for myself and my loved ones.

Andrew CarruthersI create themes for my year instead of resolutions. My big theme this year is creation... being the creator of my own story. I truly believe there are times to sit back and trust the universe to deliver what we need and then there are times to sit firmly in the seat of creation. I've taken a few years to learn the benefit of a more passive and accepting mind and pretty amazing things have happened. It's time to kick my creator back into gear and there are some specific targets... holistic health (body, mind, and spirit), work/life balance, creative inspiration, and a new home.

Sam Villa
I resolve to commit to things that I am really committed to. I am tired of rushing….if I don’t understand, I am going to stop, slow down, and reteach myself. I will not rush through just because some timeline says I must… I will now take that moment to have that glass of wine and go for that long walk…I will say no often, so that it means something when I say “yes” and when I say “yes” I won't be late. I will focus my energy on what I can control and focus on the future, not on other people or on the past. I resolve to continue gaining expertise in hairdressing, and learn fresh ways to incorporate it in my daily teaching, constantly trying new approaches to learning. I will continue to be the messenger as this is my 38th year as a hairdresser and there’s still so much to learn! As a teacher I must never cease to learn!

DJ Victory
So I have all of the same resolutions as most people...stop drinking pop, eat healthy, work out, blah, blah, blah. My resolution for this year was to learn all of the lyrics to Rappers Delight by Sugarhill Gang. I just printed them out a week ago. I'm not so good at resolutions, but you know the one thing I've been thinking about lately is how to advertise my editorial work to appeal to potential clients. I do the shoots because I truly love every aspect of it. I'm beyond grateful and doing cartwheels excited if I get photos published because I'm a very small fish in a great big sea of talent. I haven't taken the steps to put myself "out there" locally. I guess that is my resolution: to have people want to come and get their hair done by this little Cleveland girl who's had the privilege to have her hard work acknowledged by some of the best magazines in the beauty industry. That's attainable, right? You have to put in the hustle to see the reward.

Marylle KokenFor 2015 I've decided to channel my inner tour guide and focus on mentoring young stylists. I want to be able to help them develop their artistry through hands on teaching and from sharing as many of my experiences as I can with them, so they are ready to traverse the wild stylist world that lies ahead of them!

Geneva CowenThis year my focus is to live my life with intention everyday. As a mother of three, wife, salon owner and Artistic Director for Sam Villa, I find myself doing a lot of things at the same time without giving everything my complete attention. One of my personal values when doing hair is to approach everything I do with intension. I am committing to doing that this year with my personal life.

I am learning to resist the urge to be constantly overscheduled. I am booking out time in my schedule for creative projects. When I book creative time and hold myself accountable to that schedule, it is fun instead of feeling like a deadline. Learning is an essential part of my process and making time to cultivate that need is very important for me to stay grounded.

I always think of my life as a garden and I reap the crop I grow. If I do not make time for cultivation, my garden gets dry. My garden is my family, my creative self and my personal relationships. This year my intension is for my garden to be very healthy.  

Joi Rooks

Professional goals:

  • To continue to develop my team at fresche through our in-house education, encouraging other sources for their growth and enforcing social media presence.
  • To make sure every stylist uses the best tools in the industry.
  • To make my salon the best in Atlanta #frescheisbest


  • To find the balance between personal & professional.
  • To have more "me" time.
  • To go on one "adult only" vacation!


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