Skincare: 5 Tips to Winterize Your Skin

Winter is one of the harshest seasons for skin. Extreme cold, icy winds, and the use of heaters indoors can all lead to itchy, dry, irritated skin. To combat these less-than-beautiful winter side effects, check out these 5 tips for winterizing your skin from Danne Montague-King, Founder of DMK Skincare, and pass them along to your clients, for gorgeous, glowing skin all season long!

1. Do a gentle enzymatic exfoliation as opposed to facial scrubs. Enzymes strengthen healthy skin with natural antioxidant vitamins as they exfoliate.

2. Spray skin with an herbal mist throughout the day to minimize epidermal water loss. This mimics sweat, nature's only true moisturizer.

3. Apply a fractionated oil blend containing vitamin E, this mocks the other half of natural moisturizers (recommended to be applied immediately after misting). This mimics oils secreted by the skin, sealing in hydration for hours.

4. Use products containing Beta Glucan, which will stimulate the skin's immune system. It's one the best guards against cold weather.

5. Schedule regular professional skin revision treatments to eliminate the stress factors brought on by winter weather.

[Image: Chris Tobin/Getty Images]

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