American Horror Story Makeup Tips

ror Story Makeup Department Head Kerry Herta used Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics on the latest FX Network American Horror Story Freakshow Promo Campaign! She shares her product recommendations and tips for her "Double Head" look just in time for Halloween.

Kerry says:

Because I have the privilege of working so closely with the FX Network marketing team in designing the makeup for each shot, I immediately formulated a concept based on the color palette, characters, and theme planned for each image.
This year’s Vintage Carnival theme was not just creepy and scary, but it had an overriding element of ethereal beauty. I chose products that best supported that overall “feel” and complemented makeup designs we were creating.
Once I conceptualize what the end result would be, I selected the products that could best help me achieve that result. In other words, I essentially worked backwards, thinking of my end result first and foremost and choosing the products and tools that would get me there.
I always need to consider so many factors and production requirements when making these selections. I chose Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics to achieve the look for the “Double Head” image due to its highly pigmented sustainability, as well as the extensive supply of colors that fit beautifully within my selected color palette. I love using lines that have products that are multi-use and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has quite a few. For the lips, I first used the Anti-Feathered Cosmetic Colour Pencils, followed by the Black Dahlia Cosmetic Colour Pencils and both Tarred and Vintage Lip Tars.  It was easy to de-saturate the color and give it that smudgy look, while still having the staying power need for a long shoot day. Little- to no-touch ups were required - always a huge asset during any busy shoot.
Part of the campaign was shot in New Orleans over the summer. The heat and high-humidity were huge concern and I knew Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics would be a good choice. I used the Tarred Cosmetic Colour Pencils to draw in the eyebrows, then applied the Bauhaus Crème Colour Concentrate all over the eyelid and lower lash line. Lastly, to seal it down and smoke it out further, I applied the Black Pure Cosmetic Pigment over it.

For the cheeks, I used District Crème Colour Concentrate and blended it out to be a bit more sheer. This look was both a challenge and a reward!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Products Used:

Black Dahlia Cosmetic Colour Pencils
Vintage Lip Tar
Tarred Lip Tar
Anti-Feathered Cosmetic Colour Pencils

District Crème Colour Concentrate

Tarred Cosmetic Colour Pencils

Bauhaus Crème Colour Concentrate
Black Pure Cosmetic Pigment

[Image courtesy of Melody Joy Public Relations]

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