Paris Fashion Week: Elevated Blowouts at Hermes by Guido

In keeping with the statement of luxury that Hermes is known for, Redken Creative Consultant Guido created an elevated blowout for the designer’s Spring/Summer 2015 show in Paris. Using Guts 10 Volumizing Spray-Foam Mousse to add height to the hair, Guido used a round brush to blow-dry the hair and finished by clipping the hair into pin curls, removing the clips after several minutes to achieve lavish hair with slight contour.
“The Hermes look calls for a super-rich blow-out, a look we haven’t talked much about this fashion season," said Guido. "To achieve this voluminous hair, I applied Guts 10 to damp hair and used a round brush to pull it away from the face. Once the hair dried, I ran my fingers through it to create this very easy, luxurious look.”

Get the Look:
1. Apply Pillow Proof Blow Dry express primer and Guts 10 Root Targeted Volume Spray Foam to damp hair.

2. Blow-dry hair section by section using a round brush.

3. Clip hair into pin curls. Remove clips just before wearing for voluminous style.

[Photo credit: Lucas Flores Piran for Redken]

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