Event Recap: Factory Downtown's First-Ever Makeup Workshop in NYC

Makeup artists interested in learning how to create glamorous red-carpet looks from renowned celebrity makeup artist and founder of Melt Cosmetics, Lora Arellano, attended Factory Downtown's first-ever makeup workshop held on August 15, 2014 at BitFireInc Studio in New York City.
Arellano, known for creating Rihanna's iconic makeup looks, led this hands-on introductory workshop for professionals, demonstrating her process of evaluating face shapes and design, techniques for creating a flawless look, plus reviews of various beauty tools and products. The workshop included a hands-on makeup application following Arellano's demonstrations.

At the conclusion, attendees were treated to a celebratory party at NARS Global Flagship and received in their gift bags Le Mieux's best-selling facial serum, TGF-β Booster, in a handy travel size (.5 mL), and the popular TGF-β Eye Firming Mask.

[Images courtesy of Carolyn Kamii Public Relations]

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