Hairstyles How To: Create Cameron Diaz's Chic, Messy Bun

Macadamia Natural Oil's own Giannandrea Marongiu had the privilege of styling superstar Cameron Diaz’s hair for the July 10th premiere of her new film Sex Tape in Los Angeles. Below, he shares how he achieved this subtly sultry 'do, dubbed "bed-head chic messy bun."

Get the Look:
1. Pre blow-out the hair in large sections by using a large round brush. Use Macadamia Natural Oil’s Control Hair Spray on each section while drying to create a soft dry texture.

2. Create a middle part and dry the front sections forward to frame the face. Once the whole head is completely dry, use Macadamia’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo all over the roots to give hair a boost while still maintaining the dry finish.

3. Using your hands, pull the hair softly backwards toward the lower part of the head just slightly above the neck, and put the hair in a ponytail (use a small rubber band). Gently back-brush the ponytail to create a bit of messiness -­ the bun should look a bit distressed for an effortless, natural look.

4. Twist the hair around and let the ends stick out. Pin in place.

5. Always use the hands to run downwards around the face’s frame. Pull the hair and let it flow out freely, then spray the hair and let nature take is course.

[Image: Jason Merritt via Getty Images]

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