Everything You Need to Know About Managing Hair Extensions During the Summer Months

Less is more when it comes to achieving sexy hair during the warm weather months. There is nothing more easy and breezy than effortless-looking beachy waves. But what happens when ladies are faced with the dilemma of creating this seasonal look while simultaneously maintaining their hair extensions?

Bianca Arussi, Co-Owner of J'Adore Salon in Beverly Hills and Certified Great Lengths Extension Expert knows just what to do when it comes to handling extensions in the hot summer months. From dealing with heat and humidity to taking to the beach under the summer sun, Bianca proves achieving any summery look with extensions is do-able with just a few simple beauty hints.

To keep extensions looking hot all summer long, read on for Bianca’s breakdown of do’s, don’ts, tips and tricks for yourself, or to share with your clients:

1. Summer is a "wash-and-go" season when we trade in our blowouts for beachy waves. Are ladies with extensions able to let their hair air-dry, or is that an extensions no-no?
You can let them air dry on the ends. Keratin acts just like hair does, it swells when wet. If you air dry they can slip off. You can dry close to the root and let the rest air. Never set blow dryer to high heat or put direct heat on actual bond.

2. How can girls with extensions create effortless-looking waves without spending too much time styling?
Easy - extensions have natural wave to them!

3. Does the sun, heat, humidity or sweat affect extensions?
A LOT of sweat, where the head is always wet, will effect them. The rest is fine, including chlorine and salt water.

4. Will swimming too often ruin extensions? Is it best to keep hair up or down? Should you brush the hair as soon as you get out of the water?
It is better to not put up hair, as this only adds more stress on extensions, especially when the hair is wet, which also means the keratin is wet. It is best to brush later with an extensions brush.

5. What products/techniques do you recommend to protect extensions during the summer months (from sun, heat, humidity, sweat, salt water, chlorine, etc.)
No specific products are necessary. Take care of the extensions as you would your own hair.

6. What are the top products/mistakes to avoid with extensions during summer (or anytime)?
Be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner all year round.

7. How do you properly brush extensions, and how often should you do it?
Always use an extensions brush. The teeth on other brushes will yank extensions out. However, you can use a regular brush to untangle the ends.

8. What's the best shampoo/conditioner to use in the summer if you have extensions? How often should you be shampooing/conditioning?
Anything sulfate free, and be sure to use every 3-4 days, or even once a week if you can get away with it!

9. What products/treatments should we use to keep extensions from looking dry and brittle during the summer months?
You can certainly use a serum or an argan oil, just be sure not to apply to the root. If hair is getting tangly visit a salon for treatment. Blonde extensions need more frequent treatments as they go through more processes to achieve their color, and tend to get dry more often.

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