SureTint Technologies Announces Laverne Tschappat as National Sales Director

Michael Wright, CEO of SureTint Technologies, recently announced the hire of Laverne Tschappat as the company's new National Sales Director. In this role, Tschappat will lead and oversee all facets of sales operations.

Says Michael Wright, “Laverne comes to SureTint Technologies with more than 20 years of sales experience and a proven track record in the professional beauty industry. With Laverne heading the strategic operations of our sales team, we are confident that he will continue to position SureTint Technologies as a global leader in salon software.”

Prior to joining SureTint Technologies, Tschappat served as the Director of Sales for Schwartzkopf. His background experience includes working for international companies such as L’oreal, Zotos International/Shiseido USA and Proctor and Gamble.

Elizabeth K. Christie, Executive Chairman of the Board, expressed her confidence in Mr. Tschappat, saying, “Laverne’s past performance conjoined with his industry knowledge showcases his efficiency and focus on SureTint Technologies’ mission to best serve the needs of our customers. He is an accomplished leader with sales management skills that will advance our sales department while supporting our corporate growth initiatives.”

SureTint Technologies is an innovator of professional salon hair color software and technology. SureTint 4.0 is the only system in the market that provides measured batch sizing, hair color accuracy, exact formula repeatability, business data, reporting, and management tools never before available in the industry. SureTint 4.0 provides benefits for salon owners and managers, as well as colorists and their clients by delivering consistency, efficiency, and savings day after day.

[Image courtesy of Exit One Solutions PR]

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