Hair Trends: Taylor Swift Hosts a Haircut Party

Is Taylor Swift starting a new beauty trend? This week in London, Taylor hosted a "haircut party," gathering friends like Cara Delevingne and Ellie Goulding backstage to watch as she cut her hair into a new shoulder-length bob. All the fun was captured on Instagram.
George the Salon in Chicago is already seeing the "Swift effect," receiving calls from women asking if the salon can host a "haircut party" just for them.
"Sometimes big changes are difficult for us and the support of your friends and family makes it easier to go through a drastic cut," says George Gonzalez owner of George the Salon. "Especially if you are nervous about a big length change, a haircut party is a great way to transition into your new style and have fun while doing it."

With celebrities and everyday clients beginning to embrace this new trend, it's a great time to take part at your own salon!

Tips for Hosting a Haircut Party:

Give back: Connect your haircut party with a local charity, allowing your client to donate his or her hair.
Atmosphere: Create a warm and welcoming salon atmosphere for clients wanting to have a haircut party, or consider hosting the event at a location of his or her choosing.
The more friends the better: Friends' support is an important aspect of any haircut party, as it can help your client embrace his or her new look.
Snap it: Share photos of the event on social media in order to promote the party and inspire other potential clients.
Have fun with it: Provide some champagne and small treats at your salon for the guest and her friends.

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