NYFW Hair: Backstage Beauty at Band of Outsiders

Muse to Surrealist photographer Man Ray, the celebrated Vogue cover model-turned-pioneering-photojournalist Lee Miller was the inspiration behind the easy-but-edgy hair looks designed by Didier Malige of Art Partner for the highly anticipated Band of Outsiders Fall/Winter 2014 collection. The collection was shown at the brand’s new store in the heart of Soho.

As a fashion and fine art photographer collaborating with Man Ray, Miller played an active role in the Surrealism movement of the 1930s, infusing her images with wit and humor. This wit and humor served as a major inspiration for the quirky-chic collection created by Band of Outsiders creative director Scott Sternberg. It can be seen in trompe l’oeil touches such as the “waist tie” on a wool jersey knit sweater skirt, the wink of flirty eyelashes on a wool knit sweater, “toggles” on a PVC cape, even trompe l’oeil saddle shoes.

The rebellious spirit and irrepressible glamour of Lee Miller and the Surrealists are also interpreted in Didier’s gorgeously disheveled take on the classic ponytail, created exclusively with a trio of must-have styling products from René Furterer.

Get the Look:
1. Start with clean, dry hair and make a deep side part. The placement depends on where the model’s part falls naturally. Next, take hair in sections and mist each section at the roots with René Furterer VOLUMEA volumizing conditioning spray – no rinse. Some models need less product, but if a model (or client) arrives with very clean hair, apply more conditioning spray to build texture.  
2. Next, rough-dry the hair, massaging the conditioning spray into the hair with your fingers. Using a diffuser is important as it helps to prevent frizz and minimizes heat damage. As you blow-dry the hair, spray with René Furterer NATURIA dry shampoo, working it through with your fingers. You need the dry shampoo to bring back a rippled wave. The mixture of the dry shampoo with VOLUMEA volumizing conditioning spray roughs up the hair texture.
3. If a model needs more height at the crown, you can do a little teasing. Lightly back-comb hair at the crown and randomly back-comb mid-lengths of hair. For light hold, finish with a misting of René Furterer VEGETAL FINISHING SPRAY.
4. Gather hair in back to create a low ponytail, wrapping it with a length of skinny, stretchy black cord. After tying and trimming the loose ends of the cord, divide the ponytail in two and gently pull it apart, tightening the ponytail and pushing it slightly higher up the nape of the neck.  
5. Rather than pulling the ponytail behind both ears, leave one ear slightly covered. This looks more interesting, especially in profile as a soft yet striking frame for the face. Last, using your fingers, gently loosen a few pieces around the face.

The result, when paired with luminous eyes and cheeks, as well as a bold, outlined lip courtesy of makeup artist Dick Page, Artistic Director for Shiseido, is gorgeous, roughed-up texture and a witty, sophisticated look.

[Image credit: John M. Craig for René Furterer]

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