Andis Sponsors Red Sox Grooming

What began as a way to unify the Boston Red Sox in spring training has evolved into full-on hairy situation, culminating with the Red Sox facing the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1 of the World Series in Fenway Park.

While some of the players look more like mountain men than home run hitters, they still get groomed by baseball barber Monster99, AKA Angel Lucas, who says the bushy beards are shaped and edged with the accompanying mustaches getting trimmed. “Just because it’s long, it shouldn’t be out of control. For cutting lines and edging, I use the Andis T-Outliner – there’s no better tool.”

Lucas got his start when he befriended David Ortiz and consequently, he now tends most of Ortiz’s teammates as well. “I do David’s hair and beard usually twice a week,” he said. “I’ll do some of the other guys too. I’ll set up a chair and they’ll line up.” He takes pride when he sees a freshly groomed player make big plays. “I always say, ‘When you look good, you play good.’”

The question remains, after the Series, with his Andis trimmer in hand, will Lucas be cutting champagne-soaked or tear-soaked beards?

“I’m pulling for the Red Sox all the way,” says Lucas.

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