Emmys 2013 Hairstyles: Laura Dern's Bohemian Chic Hair

Ted Gibson styled Laura Dern’s hair for the 2013 Emmy Awards. Here’s how to get the look!

Ted says:

"This was the 1st time I have worked with Laura Dern, Hollywood royalty and what a pleasure she is. She is nominated for Enlightened. To get the look, I started off with Build It Blow Drying Agent on wet hair. I used hairsheet on the ends. Laura has textured hair already, so I wanted to work with that. I rough-dried her with my hands, then used a small round brush to create volume and smoothness. I wanted to bring out that Laura Dern texture so I used a small-barrel iron for texture. I wanted to create the illusion of a haircut, so I used tame it shine lotion on the ends and pulled some of her hair back in a small bun in the back. I then pulled some hair around the face to look like a graduated bob. Last, I held everything in place with beautiful hold hairspray. It’s windy in LA so Beautiful Hold keeps everything secure. Sexy bohemian chic!"

[Preview Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images: Image courtesy of Ted Gibson]

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