Hair Tips: Pastel Haircolor - Great for Older Clients

“As we age, we tend to look better in softer paler colors, because they reflect more light, which complements skin tone and helps mask wrinkles. So, the pastel color trend is a great option for older guests, too,” says Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California.

McIvor suggests the following when creating pastel color on grey hair.

·      Anti-aging color is not just about covering grey, it’s about making the guest look as young as they feel. Look for colors that are specifically formulated to cover 100% of grey hair, like Goldwell Topchic Hair Color, which also imparts unbelievable shine.

·      Grey hair does not contain pigment, so although it is more resistant to taking color, it takes the right color and you don't have to fight warmth/pheomelanin as you do with naturally pigmented hair.

·      The key is going softer, not necessarily lighter. Over-60 brunettes don’t need to go blonde—adding soft tone-on-tone highlights will create the softness and dimension needed, not to mention strategically placed highlights can add lift by drawing the eye up and away from other less attractive attributes, such as unwanted lines.

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