Hairstyles How To: 2 Cool Braid Hairstyles for Summer

This summer there are lots of fun new ways to spin your hairstyle. Braids and twists are big news and there are dozens of ways to wear them. Here are three top choices from the style experts at Matrix, so go ahead--get twisted, sister!

Headband Braid
Is it hair or is it a hair style accessory? It’s both when you create a cute headband braid. Here’s how.
1.  Create a part that extends from the outer corner of your eye to the top of your head.
2.  Mist your hair with Matrix Biolage Freeze Fix Hairspray to tame flyaways.
3.  Where the part begins above your eye, take a two-inch thick section of hair and divide it into three equal sections.
4.  Cross the right section over the center. Then add some hair to what used to be the right section (now the center) from the right side.
5. Cross the left section over the center. Then add some hair to what used to be the left strand (now the center) from the left side.
6.  Continue doing this to the other side of your head, headband style, until you run out of hair to add.
7.  Switch to a conventional braid and continue to the end of the section.
8.  Secure the braid with a small elastic and pin it behind your ear, underneath the rest of your hair.

Double Rope Braid
Two braids meet and merge for sexy, Bohemian flair.
1.  Combine Matrix Design Pulse Playback Workable Cream with a few drops of Mix In Shine Brilliant Serum and work it through your hair for shine plus grip.
2.  Create a deep side part with your fingers and bring all of your hair to the other side.
3.  Start at the top of your head in front, on the part side, and create a three-strand French braid like the one above. Work across the top of your head to the other side.  
4.  When you get to the top of your ear, add the French braid with the rest of your hair, and incorporate all of your hair into one large side braid.
5.  Secure the braid at the bottom, then grasp the braid on each side and gently pull, top to bottom.
6. Mist with Matrix Vavoom Freezing Spray.

[Image courtesy of Matrix]

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