Hair Tips: Pretty in Punk

Quirky, irreverent and in your face, Punks commandeered music, art and fashion, and its influences are still with us today. The most recent example? The “Punk Couture”-themed New York Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Costume Institute Gala, where A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lopez turned out in Punk/glam gowns and hair styles. Want to get on board with this new fierce-meets-chic attitude? Check out these suggestions! [pagebreak]

Rock the ‘hawk. Mohawks, Slant Hawks, Bi-Hawks, Mini Mos—all of these Punk hair styles had one thing in common—tightly cropped or shaved sides with a magnificent vertical crest. Take a cue from Jessica Alba, who walked the Met gala red carpet in a Mohawk-inspired updo. She slicked her hair into a bun on the top of her head, then ran a medium-sized braid along the back, extending it down the center from the base of the bun to the nape. The result was a crisp, embellished, Mohawk-style silhouette!  

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Display Your True Colors. For Cyndi Lauper, those “true colors” meant every hue in the rainbow! The modern interpretation of Punk hair color is a little more subtle—a few peek-a-boo slices of turquoise or mint, perhaps, or even golden highlights tracing the curves of your chocolate brown layers.

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Embrace the Uneven. Hardcore Punks embraced the half-and-half—shaving or dying one entire side of their heads. At the Met gala, rock goddess Gwen Stefani upgraded the concept by gathering her hair tightly into two looped ponytails in the back and allowing a large, fringe section to sweep over to one side and graze her eye. The asymmetrical style combined Gwen’s signature Asian flavor with her Punk-inspired ‘do.

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[Images courtesy of Matrix]

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