Beauty BUSINESS: Social Media for Salons

How important is social media to your salon anyway?

Social Media is here to stay and salons need to pay attention.  90% of customers get their first impression of your business online – how can you ignore that? Here are some stats that will help you understand that your customers are online….you need to be there with them!

Every minute of the day:

  • 100,000 tweets are sent
  • 684,478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook
  • 2 million search queries are made on Google
  • 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
  • 47,000 apps are downloaded from the App Store
  • 3,600 photos are shared on Instagram
  • 571 websites are created
  • $272,000 is spent by consumers online (source: AllTwitter)

For today let’s just focus on Facebook and 6 simple steps you can use to boost your network and create engagement!

1.    Before you start promoting your page make sure your profile is filled out and you have included links to your main salon website.
2.    Connect your page with your personal connections. All of the connections you build will start to introduce your brand to their network and so on and so on…
3.    Make sure all pieces of your online brand are connected...this is super important! Add links to you social sites right on your main salon website. Your social sites should all have links back to your website as well.
4.    Content!! The content you post on your pages is what will draw your network to interact with you. They LOVE coupons and specials but they also love to hear tips of the day or questions and style posts they can relate and respond to.
5.    Digital Assets – you’re a salon, you have beauty and style all around you every day, takes pictures and videos and upload them to your social sites and tag your clients…(make sure they are ok with this before posting!!)
6.    Make sure to promote your Facebook page within your salon – on business cards, coupons, appointment cards. You can even run promotions within the salon for all new “Likers” that “like” your salon on the spot. -Tracey Reyes

[Image courtesy of Tracey Reyes]

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