Hairstyle Portfolio: Diva Futura

Diva Futura is a collection inspired by the futuristic trend in architecture and design. Simple, symmetrical haircut lines make hair look like it is thought out in detail by skilled engineers. Using warm colors, the stylists soften the minimalist and cold form of hair. What dominates are intense, almost oily colors, from plum and auburn, to fiery orange, to bright pearl blonde. These colors – filtered here and there with pastel shades are harbingers of the future, painted vibrantly.

VIOLET_imageupload:5673:]]global concept: Anna Kulec -  Karampotis
color: Mateusz Grzywa
cut: Wojciech Loranc
makeup: Joanna Szlagór
fashion stylist: Natascha Pavluschenko
accessories: Slav Nowosad
photographer: Łukasz Radzięta f4 Studio

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