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Sometimes a special occasion style requires something…well…special! In these cases, Joico Educator and owner of Hair Plus in Lincoln, IL Diana Pickett might turn to an unexpected place — the craft store - to adorn her beautiful braid work. Here’s how she uses pearl and feather accents to embellish her latest creations.

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Prep: Apply Joico Matte Grip Texture Crème to dry hair and brush through.  This will give hair cohesion and prevent it from being too slippery so that the style will hold.

1. Create a side part.  On the “heavy” side, create a three-inch section along the hairline. Divide the section into three subsections. Begin to create a three-strand French braid, feeding in hair from each side as you plait. Complete two-to-three plaits. The braid should lie flat to the head.

2. After the second or third plait, lift the braid, insert one end of the pearl strand into the braid and secure with a small pin.

3. Lay the pearl strand along one of the braid strands. Switch to a conventional three-strand braid, incorporating the pearls. Continue until you run out of hair.  Fasten the braid with a silicone band, mist the hair with Joico Power Spray Fast Dry Finishing Spray and smooth the surface of the braid with your hands to tamp down flyaways.

4. Smooth and gather the remaining hair behind the ear and fasten with an elastic band.  Twist the lengths until the hair coils back onto itself.  Arrange the coil, allowing some of the ends to fan out.  Secure with long roller pins—they will offer more hold than traditional bobby pins.

5. Return to the pearl-adorned braid and arrange it over the coil.  Secure with bobby pins in alternate loops along the braid.  Then place a pin through the band that was used to secure the twist. Drape the remainder of the braid and incorporate the pearls into the fanned out ends.


Prep: Apply Joico Matte Grip Texture Crème to dry hair and brush through.

1. Create a three inch section along the front hairline on the heavy side.  Begin to form a two-strand twist braid, left over right. After a few twists, pick up an additional strand on the hairline side. Continue twisting and feeding in hair in this manner until you reach the back of the ear. Secure the twist to the head.
2. On the opposite side, create another three inch section and subdivide into three strands. Begin to fashion a conventional three-strand braid.  Complete two-to-three conventional plaits, then begin feeding hair into the braid from the hairline side. Work in a diagonal direction until you run out of hair—then fasten the second braid.

3. Gather the remaining, unbraided hair, and create a conventional three-strand braid.  However, make one of the sections smaller than the other two in this braid to create an interesting, knotted texture. [pagebreak]

4. If you have secured the braids with elastics at the base, snip them off now.
5. Place the feather ornament in the hair and secure.

6. Coil and arrange the three braids around the ornament and secure. The hair can be placed in the center or off to one side, depending on the client’s dress, neckline, etc.

7. Mist hands with Joico Power Spray Fast Dry Finishing Spray, and run palms over the surface of the hairstyle to smooth flyaways.

[Images courtesy of Joico]

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