Rare Species

Rare SpeciesL’Oréal Professionnel releases its latest color trend collection for Fall/Winter 2006-2007.

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Two styles are emerging for fall and winter—Belles de Nuit and Belles de Jour, the two trends that make up Rare Species. Created by Grégory Kaoua, each trend fuses fairytale with nature, light with dark, chaos with control.

The Belles de Nuit woman is mysterious and intriguing, epitomized by the shadowy Python Woman. Silky and sensuous, hair is straight and braided into an ultra-loose plait, evoking a snake’s slithering movement. Chic and refined, Peacock Woman also typifies Belles de Nuit. Dress is sophisticated black, punctuated with a peacock feather collar, while hair is cut into a bob that plunges dramatically on each side of the face.

Reminiscent of the art nouveau spirit, the Belles de Jour woman is delicate and luminescent. The hair on Spider Woman echoes the free-flowing hair of Alphonse Mucha’s subjects, with the fringe feathered into a V shape.

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