Raising the Brow

The beefed-up brow takes fall beauty by storm. Can your clients handle it?

Thick and filled-in: The brow of the season is beefier than ever. “I am thrilled about the trend toward a strong, bold brow,” shares Malynda “Boom Boom” Vigliotti of the Boom Boom Brow Bar in Manhattan. “Bold brows are gorgeous and can really transform a face and make a statement.”

But, can the everyday woman raise her brow to this beauty trend? Or is it best kept on the catwalks? “Bold brows don’t need to be impractical,” notes Vigliotti. “Actually, I believe that most people over-think brows and that’s where they get in trouble. More times than not, brows just need a cleanup with a simple tweak to get them proportionate and balanced, and filling them in with powder should take one second.”

To help you translate the bolder brow, Viglioitti shares that it’s not so much about changing your client’s brow shape as it is about filling in the natural shape of the brow. “Start with powder and a great brush. You want a brush that is angled and firm enough to be extremely precise,” she says. Use a shade a tad darker than your client's natural brow color, and fill in the shape using the natural brow line as your guide. —Karie L. Frost

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(Photo: Andreea Angelescu)

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