Contest: Win a Chance to Meet Jennifer Aniston!

Your clients: They’ve had a bad hair day…or several thousand bad hair days—and they come to you to resolve it. Whatever the reason—a bad run-in with box dye, humidity that causes fork-in-electric-outlet-type frizz—a bad hair day can really lower a woman’s self esteem. For that very reason, women—even women who are known for their hair, like Jennifer Aniston—constantly seek potions and your expertise to banish their bad hair permanently. As the co-owner of Living Proof, the former Friends star now finds herself in an even greater position to help women fight the good fight against bad hair. “It’s so exciting to get in there and solve all those hair problems that all women have,” she says of her roll with Living Proof.

In fact, Jennifer and Living Proof will be solving the hair problems of one very lucky lady with a contest revolving around the brand’s new web series, “Good Hair Day.” The series features the tress obsessions and confessions of women everywhere, plus insightful commentary from longtime mane man to Aniston (and creator of the “Rachel” haircut), Chris McMillan. Living Proof is encouraging you (and your clients!) to share your own bad hair day obsessions, confessions and lessons (and who doesn’t have any or all of the above?) on for a chance to win a meet-and-greet with Jennifer and get a haircut from McMillan! The deadline to upload photos and/or videos is May 24.

In the meantime, we chatted with the Aniston about her monster hair moments and missteps, because, like all of us, she cops to having bad hair days.

When you’re not in the stylist’s chair, what do you do to your hair?

“I will blow-dry it; and I don’t always blow it completely straight because I have naturally wavy hair. But the good thing about the discovery of Living Proof products is that it makes it so much easier to handle the frizzy aspect of my hair. It’s got its kinks, and those ‘natural’ highlights that start to grow in. (Laughs.) With rapid speed!”

Who is your beauty inspiration?

“I always love Kate Moss; she’s just classic. Giselle Bundchen—she has beautiful hair. Those two always get it.”

Did you ever bring a picture of a celebrity to the salon and say, “I want this?”

“I’ve been that person who brought in a picture [of a celebrity] to salon. I know what that’s like, when you see a photograph of what you want; it’s your easy go-to, rather than describing it [to the stylist]. Mine was Valerie Bertinelli from One Day at a Time. I know exactly what she was wearing. I think it was from People magazine… She had that great, full Farrah Fawcett-esque hair. I didn’t come out with that—not even close.”

When was the first time you had good hair?

“I should have known better; I had great hair as a kid, and my mom said, ‘You’re not allowed to touch your hair until you’re 13,’ and she was right. The first thing I did was cut it all off, and realized, ‘Wow, I’ve never had it do this.’ I learned that my hair was not long and cute, but wide and unmanageable—kind of a pain in the butt. I learned all my lessons in my younger years of what not to do.”

Do you get the itch to change your hair drastically?

“I do and then I’m talked out of it. Because somebody else knows better. I usually just get a trim.”

If you could, though, would you?

“I’ve always thought about going back to brunette. But I do think it’s fun to play with hair in movies.”

People often reference the “Rachel” as you big hair moment. But do you have a favorite hair look from your past?

“I loved my Along Came Polly hair. It was long and all natural, so I could let my blonde grow out. It was really dirty and whimsical; I just liked it. You always get hair in a movie that you could never get in real life. Like I had bangs in Marley and Me, but if I cut bangs on myself, they won’t look like that.”

Do you have a fantasy hair product? One that doesn’t exist yet?

“It’s so funny you asked that. I’ll be chatting about it with Living Proof after this interview. But…I can’t talk about it yet. It’s so exciting to get in there and solve all those hair problems that all women have.”

Check out the first two videos from the Living Proof web series, “Good Hair Day.” The next one (part three) launches tomorrow. Plus, don't forget to confess your tress addictions and afflictions at for a chance to meet Jennifer Aniston and a hair makeover with Chris McMillan. Who knows? Maybe you’ll boast the next “Rachel”! —Karie L. Frost

[Image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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