Playing the Central Part

Playing the Central PartParts find themselves front and center this winter.

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Trend Alert: Parts

For every hair part per million, styles typically split left, right or center, with the occasional mussed zigzag thrown in for good measure. Yet, this season backstage hair arbiters rule that taking sides is out; instead, staying central is the way to part. Be forewarned: playing the central part tends to take on multiple personalities, depending on how the rest of the hair falls. When a sharp, well-defined part gives way to tresses that are slicked with gloss-inducing product and kept tight to the head—as seen at Etro and Givenchy—the look skews severe. a middle part that presents as unfettered and natural—think Jill Stuart and DKny—speaks to keeping manes free-flowing. And what of Chanel’s part of gold? a river of molten bullion runs along the parting, projecting a style that’s two parts drama and one part richesse. which part will your clients choose to play?  

—Karie L. Frost

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