Arch Angels

Only Hue Arch AngelsNobody need suffer from anemic arches or bushy brows! The following fillers and shapers transform eyesore eyebrows into things of beauty.

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Hollywood “It” girls Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway sport arches so perfect, even angels swoon.

What’s their secret? Both ladies flaunt brow shapes that accentuate their natural arches oh-so-subtly to perfectly frame the face. Both keep their brows full, yet neat. And neither goes crazy with the tweezers—ever.

While the perfect brow shape varies according to facial structure and features, all of your clients will need some stellar products to maintain and enhance their own angelic arches.

Here, we round up natural-looking fillers, gels and waxes that promise long-lasting staying power.

Mineral Mine Eyebrow Kit features everything needed for an awesome arch: Brow Powder, Duo Deluxe Spooly/ Tapered Angle brush, Brow Gel and stencils.

i.d. Bare Escentuals The Essential Brow Kit includes Brow Color, an Angled Brow Brush and Brow Finishing Gel for a complete brow makeover.

Jane Iredale PureBrow Fix double-ended tube features a comb on one end and clear conditioning formula on the other.

Bloom Brow Gel dries quickly and sets brows into the shape your client prefers without feeling sticky.

Your Name Brow Perfector features natural waxes to help it glide on effortlessly and stay put all day long; available in six shades.

Sormé Get a Brow Shaping and Coloring Gel, which can be used for brows and eyelashes, contains conditioning and fortifying vitamins.

Color Lab Wonderbrow mineral-based brow wax sets brows in place as it fills them in; available in six shades.

Emani Minerals All in One Duo Eye Brow Filler and Liner is mineral-based and easy to apply.

Tweezerman Professional BrowMousse lifts and shapes brows without stickiness.

Trucco Brow Shaper’s clear gel gently holds and shapes unruly brows.

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