Stick a Pin in It

Beauty Across TimeBeauty Across Time: Part 9

1914: World War I breaks out. Men go off to fight in Europe and women work in factories at home. As women's independence increases, so too do their levels of activity. Shoes and clothing are collected as part of the war effort and people are encouraged to be less frivolous. Clothing becomes more utilitarian, taking on a tailored, mannish appearance. Hemlines inch up as wartime shortages make fabric scarce. Trench warfare exposes men to lice and flea infestations, prompting shorter cuts.

1914: Wilde Cosmetics, is established as a dental product manufacturer in Germany. This company becomes the manufacturer of “Light Concept Nails” products.

1914: Baltimore pharmacist George Bunting invents a skin cream. The name of the skin cream, "Dr. Bunting's Sunburn Remedy," was changed to "Noxzema" after a customer swore that the cream had "knocked out his eczema."

1915: Theda Bara becomes Hollywood's first sex symbol after her appearance in A Fool There Was and becomes known as “The Vamp.”

1915: Maurice Levy of Scovill Manufacturing invents the first pushup lipstick tube. James Mason, Jr. of Nashville, TN, patents the first twistup model in1923.

1916: The bobby pin is invented, named for its use with bobbed hair.

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