Girlz with Grillz

Girlz with GrillzAt Baby Phat, the vibe is all about raising the roof— and the hair—with plenty of attitude and blinding bling.

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Designer: Baby Phat

Products: Bumble and bumble

Designer Kimora Lee Simmons wrote the book on fabulosity—quite literally. Embodying the term she coined, the quasi self-help guide is a manual for the babe who yearns to live the “bling life.” For Simmons’ spring/summer 2007 Baby Phat showing, this fabulous girl lives out such a lifestyle, flanked by an abundance of Louis Vuitton trunks and devastating attitude. The look is a mishmash of tropics, punk, wealth and confidence, ranging from flowing satin dresses with flapping tails to super-tight and ultra-short flight suits to peacock-feather-embellished skirts.

Though the high-end, hip-hop-minded wares verge on the outrageous, it’s the hair that tops the charts on this runway. Bumble and bumble’s Laurent Philippon fashions sky-high faux-hawks for each girl, first crimping and straightening alternate sections of hair, and then sprinkling in Bb.Hair Powder for piece-y, matte texture. As chic, urban side notes, Philippon secures small, low ponytails— barely noticed until you get up in the girlz’ grillz (pun intended!)—at each side of the models’ heads. Giving the ’do a bit of Poindexter panache, Philippon slicks down the front section of hair into a deep center part and tucks it tightly behind the models’ ears—all the more to show off the gargantuan Baby Phat hoops and ice they rock. A combination of Bb.Holding Spray, Does It All Styling Spray and Classic Hair Spray helps Philippon raise the girls’ hair quite literally  to the roof.

Score This Look

Got a girl who fancies a platinum grill and hip-hop faux-hawk?  Try on these Bumble and bumble products for mega height:

Bb.Hair Powder: For controlled texture and a matte finish

Bb.Holding Spray: For heat protection and workable hold

Bb.Does It All Styling Spray: For balanced control

Bb.Classic Hair Spray: For a flake-free, strong hold

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