Color Lab: Mend Her Brittle Ways / Steel This Look / Take Cover! / In the Mix

Color Lab 1207TIGI Colour mixes it up, Aquage saves color-treated strands and more.

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Mend Her Brittle Ways

She’s showing off her hot new haircolor—and all the brittle breakage that comes with it. Never fear! Aquage SeaExtend Ultimate Colorcare Silkening Shampoo and Conditioner (shown) vow to mend her chemically beaten strands with a rejuvenating blend of sea silk proteins and mineral-rich Bio-Strengtheners.

Steel This Look

Talk about going from runway to reality! Redken strikes a flashy pose in the first in a series of annual special-edition haircolor launches: Redken Metallic Glam Collection. Eight chrome-injected hues with shimmering titanium undertones can be applied straight, or as steely panels to complement warmer tones. Four Color Fusion TITANIUM advanced performance color creams and four Shades EQ TITANIUM equalizing conditioning color glosses comprise the Glam Collection.

Take Cover!

When globs of errant haircolor or stray bleach find their way onto her glasses, she’s probably not too pleased. Avoid this situation completely with TempleClean Eyewear Protective Covers, which slip onto the stems of her glasses to protect against dye deviation. Presto, clean-o!

In the Mix

Add a “wow” factor to your daring clients’ tresses with TIGI Colour Mix Master. Available in seven eye-catching hues—blue, violet, gold, copper, red, light ash, and ash—Mix Master can be added to haircolor to modify the end result or to boost color intensity. When used solo, Mix Master adds pigment-intense color—suitable for clients ready to turn heads!

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