Raising the Barre

Raising the BarreBumble and bumble’s Neil Moodie crafts hair best worn during pirouettes.

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Designer: VPL

Products: Bumble and bumble

Embodying the fluid beauty of one of the world’s preeminent modern dancers, or possessing the steely strength of a ballet virtuoso, is something that most gals can only dream about. But VPL designer Victoria Bartlett hopes that by slipping into her latest activewear, fashionistas will feel one step closer to center stage perfection.

Bartlett’s spring line, aptly named “Shape Shifting Movement,” finds its footing in the beautiful fluidity of ballet’s Vaslav Nijinsky and modern dance’s Martha Graham. The man needed to choreograph locks for this en pointe collection? Bumble and bumble’s Neil Moodie.

“Rather than do the obvious hairstyle—a tight, stiff ballerina’s bun—we decided to go with long hair that’s light and fluffy to mirror the shape-shifting aspect of the collection,” enthuses Moodie. To this end, Moodie crimps models’ manes, then brushes through the crisp pleats to create a cottony web. Some girls keep their airy coifs empty of adornments so that their strands bounce, swerve and dip with each leap and plié. Moodie hands others the fluorescent Plexiglas headbands he codesigned with Bartlett to slightly rein in locks.

“We’re positioning the headbands on the forehead to make them look more modern,” he says, adding, “Headbands are a great way of reimagining  a hairstyle without altering the cut or texture.”  A quick change without fuss? Sounds perfect for a poised shape-shifter!

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